VR (Virtual Reality)

NPG can convert your company’s products into 3D models, and then put them on VR and mobile phones, You can freely browse the 360-degree rotating view.
Seeing through product features and watch this with customers at the same time. Greatly accelerate the speed of browsing products.

Both you and your clients can easily place annotations on any position of the 3D model and stored in the database.
The model database can record any useful information you want, Can be integrated with data analysis、decision analysis , permanently and safely.

Cloud Database + Mobile & VR & AR

We can help you design an enterprice-specific cloud database, which can be used to store product models and set product information. So that you can present products to your customers. You can discuss and get feedback instantly, and database can be use for big data analysis.

  • Upload
    3D Model
  • Cloud
  • ERP
  • Display 3D Model
    on Mobile
  • Display 3D Model
    on VR
  • Show products
    to customers

AR (Augmented Reality)

We use patterns on clothes to design interactive AR software.
You can make special effects with the patterns on the clothes or you can play games on the clothes.
Different clothes can interact with each other. We use this technology to match couple clothes with strangers, which is quite interesting by our design.

You can bring home the exhibition content of the art museums you have visited or the world famous paintings or museum statues you have seen.
Just buy the museum souvenir clothes.


Our team is dedicated to independent game production. We have our own unique style and unique way of playing. We use retro art style to present role-playing games.
A game that combines a world view of 2D and 3D scenes.
In terms of VR, VR somatosensory games with fitness effects are currently being produced.
We also assist other companies and individuals in making games to realize their dreams, business projects include art assistance, programming, game concept guidance, and corporate teaching, etc.
We also cooperate with Taiwanese government agencies.


Line ID : Cocos2dx
Tel : +886 986627217
Email : Archsean2002@yahoo.com.hk